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Thread: K1600GTL On MotorWeek TV Show

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    K1600GTL On MotorWeek TV Show

    The PBS show MotorWeek did a nice review of the GTL. You can read the written version of their review here and look for the TV review during episode #3036. My TV provider (DirecTV) didn't have anything about the GTL listed in the episode summary, but it is on with the episode that features the new Ford Focus & Lexus CT 200H. Their review was pretty good, especially since their primary focus is on automobiles. I've been a MotorWeek viewer for 15+ years, and I believe the last time they tested a BMW motorcycle during the Two Wheelin' segment, it was the (then) new 2005 R1200RT.
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    My Dish Network description told about the bike. I thought it was a good representation of the bike. My wife watched the show with me and asked me if I wanted one. When I said yes, she suggested that I sell my two current bikes and buy one. It must have impressed her as she is not a motorcycle fan.
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    MotorWeek's 1600GTL review starts at 8:26.
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