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Thread: VIDEO: Streetmasters Precision Cornering Workshop

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    Thumbs up Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops

    Quote Originally Posted by b52g View Post
    Wow, we need one of those here on the right hand coast!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by OCJIMMY View Post
    I've taken the course and wholeheartedly endorse it. You will be a better rider as a result of it.
    I couldn't agree more Jim

    Quote Originally Posted by Boxwrench View Post
    I need that course. I am still uncomfortable w/ quick sharp cornering and sighting the curve at speed.
    Most times I slow down and take it slower than I could.
    Also still not comfortable w/ my top heavy feeling BMW in a steep lean.
    I, too, suffered from those "afflictions" - especially after being out of the saddle for 20+ years. Six months after I bought the RT, Walt Fulton persuaded me to take his course and 20 years of bad habits almost vanished in an afternoon.
    I practice the Streetmasters skills every time I throw a leg over the bike and I am getting better and better, 23K miles later.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Bullet View Post
    if only I wasn't 3000 miles away...................
    Quote Originally Posted by Greenwald View Post
    Looks like an awesome course!
    I was with Walt Fulton this afternoon and he thanks you all for the kind words after I read him some of the replies.
    He stated that, if he could find the right facility somewhere on the right side of the U.S., he would bring a Streetmasters class out there.
    Keep your fingers crossed that, someday, it could become a reality.....

    For more info on the Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops, I have posted the class schedules for 2012 in the "Member Opportunities" section of this forum.
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