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Thread: Hit hole in road, fall down, go boom, need advice.

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    Hit hole in road, fall down, go boom, need advice.

    Does anyone know what might cause a road to have a hole like this in it?

    it *appears* to be a hole in the road that was taken like a core sample -- as if an engineer wanted to know the condition of the road bed beneath the pavement -- and then not properly refilled. As traffic passed over it, and perhaps erosion from rain occurred, the pavement surrounding it collapsed to make a conical depression about 12" in diameter and 6-8" deep.

    it's really hard to see, and hard to see how deep it is, which is why I hit it while heeled over to the left and now have 5 ribs broken in 9 places.

    More pics here... ATTGATT works.

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    OUCH! How 'bout broken bones on the bike? Can't always tell from the pix. Forks okay?
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    From MARS
    That sucks!


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    there are some pics of the bike on that link above.

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    Yikes!! All things considered Ian it looks like you came out on the "better" end of it. Did the compression and rebound start the throw then the death wobble?
    I don't know what caused that pothole in particular but have seen many like them. Freeze/thaw cycles will cause a fracture in the pavement allowing water to infiltrate the road base and with the hydraulic action of the vehicles the associated pressure "pumps" the roadway to create the pothole. This is much more prevalent in the travel lanes from 4-wheel vehicles. Once water is introduced it "shifts" the fines (sand the size of flour) and allows the roadway to give way. This can be seen real regular in my neck of the woods with catch-basin (man-hole) covers that have the appearance of sinking at the edge of the roadway. The sinking is accelerated at the catch-basins as the roadways are pitched for maximum flow to the CB's-roadway drainage.
    It would be interesting to check for road maintenance reports with the authority that maintains that particular section of road to see if there have been other complaints. Up here after a long time of being dangerous they snap into action and put a traffic cone on it. Some months later they will repair it.
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    Aren't broken ribs wonderful? There's always some brilliant individual who tries to cheer you up with a joke, just to make you laugh. Coughing is a thrill, and don't even think about sneezing.

    Seriously, I hope you heal up fine. There are times where I can still feel things move around and creak. Maybe you'll be well enough to share some cigars and scotch in PA.
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    Healing hugs!

    Gentle ones.

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manicmechanic View Post
    Aren't broken ribs wonderful? There's always some brilliant individual who tries to cheer you up with a joke, just to make you laugh. .
    That was me....Sorry....I'll keep quiet now....

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    Judging by the other side of the road from where you crashed there are erosion problems. I would have an attorney involved getting compensation. I would say thats small sink hole which can be caused by any number of things. If it were just that hole I would say it's a fluke but when I can see more erosion in the same picture theres a problem. The edge of the road in the opposite lane is caving in from similar erosion.

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    Sorry to hear, but I hope you IMMEDIATELY called the highway department in charge, by phone and email advising of the hazard. I would hate to see someone killed

    Hope you heal quick. I am not sure where it happened, but if it was reported previously, and not fixed there is a liability on the municipality, for not fixing a known hazard.

    See if there were police reports from the other accidents too, that might tell you if there was knowlege that was ignored by the highway department. .

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    +1 on leesrt's comment. It appears to be erosion of the underlying road bed that has resulted in a sink hole beginning that in turn caught you up. Lack of annual maintenance and a significant remedial repair to that stretch of road is my guess for the culprit.

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    Same intended outcome.......

    Quote Originally Posted by Voni View Post
    Healing drugs!

    Powerful ones.

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    One road in Arkansas has many such holes. It is a letter road somewhere south of Fayetteville, I stopped to look at one and it was obviously intentionally drilled. Why I will never know.

    Heal well.


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    Sorry to hear of this mishap, Ian. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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    OUCH.....I've done six water skiing so I know you have to be hurting. Trying to sleep is fun isn't it! Speedy recovery Visian. Six months you"ll be good as new
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