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Thread: Ideas for a tire bead breaker tool?

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    Well, yes to remove the tire with spoons or machine I do lube. But, the bead break is a no lube event, as its still seated to the rim tightly. My machine has a bead break function, no hassle at all, but roadtrip tire removal is an issue for most and I most never have to with new tires before depart. My tube type rims are still an easy bead break, just those pesky tubeless rims are really well made, thank goodness they are, keeps my skin in tact as i ride upright. Aerostitch sells cool stuffRandy

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    Use the bike

    I watched Hans' World Tour guide video and how he does it. I just did my first tire change on my 1200GSA. Center stand and lean the kick stand (mine has a Touratech added pad) onto the tire, broke the bead no problem. Work slow and easy. I put a piece of carpet under the wheel to not scratch the rim...little good that did with what I did with the tire irons.... that needs improvement.

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    I ended up buying the Harbor Freight bead breaker. Changed out 2 sets of tires with it and it works great. A friend suggested laying two pieces of 2x4 at the base to support / prevent damage to the rims.
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    I also bought a Harbor Freight bead breaker a couple of years ago. I waited forever for it to be on sale, but it never did so I used a 20% off coupon. It's amazing how much easier it makes the job when using the correct tool, I wish I would have done it decades ago. I was using C-clamps before that.

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    You can use the side kick stand to break the bead. Position the side stand on the tire just to the outside of the wheel and pull the bike toward you and the bead will break.

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