Hey folks,

I've got this same thread posted over at K-Bikes.com and am just trying to capture as much intel as possible.

I'm looking at buying a K75 for my SO as an upgrade from her Yamaha XJ700. She's enamored with the BMW brand and seems to have taken to the K75 model and I've managed to find the following local examples:

1992 K75S w/50K, excellent cosmetic shape, luggage & tank bag, tools, runs well but seems like it might need a spline lube. Could get it for $3200

1991 K75C w/70K, rough shape, luggage and turn signals have served as outriggers, needs lots of cosmetic TLC, runs VERY well, very strong, owner has it listed at $2500 but will take $2000 firm, he dropped his price by acknowledging its condition and the fact that it needs new tires.

1987 K75C w/34K, very good condition, 3rd owner, no luggage, I'm going to look at it this afternoon. Owner's asking $2000 for it.

My question is what am I gettin myself into in terms of bugs, hassles, etc. What should I be on the lookout for with these various model years? As much as I like the '92 something tells me it'll need a spline lube ASAP. It's had a gentle life and semi routine maintenance; its current owner has owned it twelve years and has put an average of 1K miles per year.

Comments? Advice? Thanks