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Thread: rain gloves

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    I really like my Gerbing heated gloves. Dry and warm, no matter what the weather is.
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    There is a gotcha with covers like the tripple digits IF you are wearing a jacket with an inner rain liner. Be sure to remove your gloves before dropping your arms to your sides. If you don't then the water will slide down the arms of the rain liner, under the gauntlet of the glove (even though it is cinched to the outer portion of the jacket), and into your gloves. If you ride a sport bike with clip-ons you're doomed from the start.

    My BMW jacket has an internal gortex rain liner. I currently use gortex gloves with a narrow gauntlet and have learned to put the gauntlet UNDER the rain liner. It's a pain, but keeps water out of the gloves.

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    Re: Gloves

    I use the BMW Summer Rain Gloves or whatever they are called now. They work very well as long as it doesn't get too cold.

    If it gets below 50's I use Rev'it gloves with goretex and light insulation. With them and heated grips, all is toasty.

    I don't ride in really cold weather, i.e. below 50 degrees, so below that, I got nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artsnyder View Post
    {snip}...I don't ride in really cold weather, i.e. below 50 degrees, so below that, I got nothing...{snip}
    Well, here in New England, I say almost the same thing: "I don't ride in really cold weather, i.e. 50 degrees below...

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    These are cheap, compact, battle proof, keep in the heat and most of your local army navy surplus carry them. Locally $6.95. I wear them over my cowhide riding glove. They take couple minutes to put on and get over the roadcrafter sleeves.
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