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Thread: Women's Ride

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    Women's Ride

    Does your club have an annual or occasional Women's Ride?
    My first year with our Wisconsin BMW Club was how I got involved to the extent that I am now. In 2007 and each year thereafter, we sponsor a club ride for the women in our club and their guests. This year, ours is June 25th. If you're interested, p.m. me and I'll give you the details. We usually end the ride with a nice lunch somewhere. We try and make the ride comfortable and non-spirited.
    Have any other clubs done the same?
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    Our club held a women's getaway weekend twice. The first year we had 5 participants for a trip to Cape May. The next year, we had 15 for a trip to the Poconos.

    Sadly, we have not continued but I think it would be fun to resurrect the idea. It's so hard to schedule for a date convenient to all and to be honest, I don't have the time to take the lead as I did in the past.

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