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Thread: Resources for womens riding gear

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    Resources for womens riding gear

    Hello ladies,

    My wife let her membership lapse a few years ago, so I'm posting on her behalf.

    Her gear is getting old, and no longer fits, as she's much more svelte now than when she purchased it.

    Online searches for "women's riding gear" seems to turn up mostly leather halter tops and chaps.

    Could the group please make some suggestions as to what is now available, and where you've found that has a good selection to choose from? She's mostly interested in textile gear.
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    Olympia, Firstgear, Girl Gear, BMW Motorrad, Scorpion. My wife has something from each and they all make cuts designed just for women.

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    I've really appreciated the prices at: (was new enough)

    My favorite over the years has been First Gear, but Road Gear, Olympia, Scorpion, and others have filled the need quite nicely.

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    I would have her search the Women of the MOA forum. There have been some extensive discussions on this topic.

    I'm a huge fan of Olympia for quality and price. First Gear and Scorpion have some nice items as well. Of course BMW gear is top notch but pricey.

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