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Thread: Nice ride to the K1600 reveal in Tampa

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    Nice ride to the K1600 reveal in Tampa

    Took a nice 250 mile trip with another BMW owner and MOA member. We traveled down I 75 for time sake and stopped about mid way for a break and gas.

    It was freagin hotter than hell (97) riding on the asphalt. The nice thing is you stay moving on the interstate so that helped.
    When we arrived in Tampa my friend suggested we go get some Cuban sandwiches at La Segunda Bakery in Ybor city (in Tampa). Those were some of the best Cuban sandwiches I've had and I'm originally from NYC and have had my share. After loading up with 5 loaves of Cuban bread in my friends top case and some pastries in his side case cooler we headed on to Tampa Euro Cycles.

    Tampa Euro is a nice place with a good showroom and plenty of friendly staff. There were a ton of people out and they even had local Law Enforcement assisting with traffic. There was a live band and more food than I could imagine. To bad I was still full from the Cubanos.

    While there I purchased an Olympia Air glide 3 jacket and some Rev it gloves.

    I've seen so much on the K1600 already so the unveil was kind of uneventful for me. I was very impressed with the bike but no so much of the exhaust note while reved in neutral. I'm sure it's better under load.

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    Nice looking bike.

    The exhaust reminds me of an old James Bond movie!

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    I wish they had a GT on the lot. Thats the one I want. I wanted to get a K13GT after a year or two with Krsy but I may hold out and get the K16GT.

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