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Thread: can we go deeper on Dyna Beads and balancing?

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    I'm willing to bet that wheels with Dyna Beads are not as well balanced as my wheels with weights.

    I should know. I built my own wheel balancer and I know its capability.

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    Cool quick bead install option

    Quote Originally Posted by kantuckid View Post
    Here's your lullaby on beads: They are cheap(I have a huge bag for $20-call it a lifetime supply) and can be installed easily/quickly & reused(mine get black but not lumped or unusable), can be installed/reinstalled at my house-not some remote dealer/shop on their time schedule and me paying for something that falls off or fails to correct the constantly changing balance dynamic(carrying weights around doesn't fix a constantly changing tire weight!) & they don't pollute the environment. I dare you to read up on the amount of wheel weights that enter the roadway! And another tidbit: after 1,000's of miles they are happily kicking around in there doing the job...
    Honestly the hardest part is the tapping the install tubing with a screwdriver as they try to cling to their buddies before entering their black tire prison. Static cling makes for a slow but lazy few minutes.
    I did a quick search on OEM wheel balance/runout specs but failed to get to the heart of it. I would think that in practice a "good but used" wheel is more likely to have runout than out of balance, but thats a guess. Tires being handmade circles are the seemingly imperfect aspect of that senario and given that they wear unevenly become more out of spec. Unless bent a wheel is true and a constant. Oh, and it's raining here again for the , well, I've lost count # of days...
    I use the vibrator action of my electric tool-marking scribe against the hose between the bottle & valve stem, swirls right in...

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