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Thread: Headset in the rain

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    Headset in the rain

    I'm leaving on my first trip of the season Saturday morning and was planning to use a borrowed bluetooth dongle to listen to tunes on my Sena headset. As it appears all or most of the trip will be in rain (possibly heavy) does anyone know if I can use the hardwire from the Zumo to the Sena in the rain? Or do I risk damaging one or both units? I'm riding an RT with good wind protection but nevertheless it's going to be wet!
    Ottawa, Canada

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    If I recall correctly, the bluetooth unit has to be on whether you use the hard wire audio in or not (seems dumb, but that is what they did which I assume was to accommodate those who don't have stereo bluetooth).

    It will withstand some water, but not a continued downpour (I have first hand experience on that one)

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    My wife and I have the Sena, just rode through a 200 mile downpour. Not a problem

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    I rode through days of very serious downpours in the Ozarks with my Sena working the entire time.

    No one can ride through heavier rain than I did without having their head examined.

    Works in the rain.

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