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Thread: Schuberth C-3 Com System Issues

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    Schuberth C-3 Com System Issues

    Just got a new C-3. I was looking for the quiet, the good fit, and the wireless intercom system. I'm tired of the plug-in process with a wired system.

    I LOVE the helmet! But the com system absolutely does not fit my needs. If you pair two helmets (mine and my spouses on the pillion) and pair to the GPS, only the primary helmet can hear the GPS. So I have to chose whether I as rider want the GPS input or I want my passenger to have the input. Not good!

    The biggest advantage for us with a GPS voice command is in traffic when both of us are watching for threats from ??? and trying to find a destination. With traffic noise, and other competition for our attention, if both hear the command we're much more likely to understand and comply safely.

    We ride two-up almost exclusively. My spouse is an active participant in riding, not just a "passenger." The SRC com system falls way short of our needs.

    Lake Tahoe

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    I believe the same will be true of any of the bluetooth systems. Have you tried pairing your wife's headset to the GPS as well?
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