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Thread: Finally hit my first 1000.

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    Finally hit my first 1000.

    Finally got my first 1000 miles this year, on way to work to make it worse. If you have seem my other posts you notice the weather has not been to conducive to riding this year. It was like the hump, now I'm ticking them off pretty good but still not getting the rides I would like on weekends. (freaking wife and kids and weather) Hundred mile mail runs help but just don't give me the fix I need.

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    Easy now...

    Dude.........."freaking" should not be in the same sentence as "wife and kids".

    You'll probably have lots of free time after the divorce.

    Unless she gets your bike, too!!
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    I wisely didn't take up riding until I'd been married so long that my wife is thankful for anything that makes me go away all day.

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    I know the feeling David. I'm way behind this year as well & it doesn't look like I'll get a chance to ride like I did last year.. I just hit 10,001 miles for the year today.
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