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Thread: 07 R1200GS Windshield

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    07 R1200GS Windshield

    I have an 07 R1200GS with a Cee Bailey tall windshield, that I do not like. At highway speeds the windshield flexes and bends down which deflects a lot wind to my body. What other types of windshields are you using and how do they work? I see some other threads recommending Aeroflow and Ztechnik for other models of BMW, has anyone tried these on a 1200GS?

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    Take a look at the California Scientific screen. Very quiet!
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    I recently got a Givi A330 and really like it. Basic bottom, but a sliding top that, when coupled with the tilt adjustment on the 12GS, really gives you a lot of ways to fiddle with it to get it just right.

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    I am also satisfied with my CalSci windshield.
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