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Thread: New airhead rider in austin, tx

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    New airhead rider in austin, tx

    howdy y'all.

    just picked up an 1995 r100 from craigslist. the bike seems to be in excellent repair (so far). it's a much different ride than my old (and gone) KLR650. lovin' it so far.

    just wanted to introduce myself. thanks for all the great knowledge and folk on the site.

    i've got lots to learn.


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    Welcome to the list.
    Good to see someone from texas signing in here.
    Maybe we'll see you on the road sometime.
    Paul Mulhern
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    Welcome Luke,
    One of the first people you need to go see is Roger Albert:
    He knows BMW's and could be very helpful for you.
    Tell him Jerry Duke said hello.

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    Thumbs up Wecome Luke

    Congratulations on acquiring your new bike and welcome to the CLUB. Hope to see you on the road sometime; I live in New Braunfels, Tx. not far from you.
    1978 R100rs MOA#22600 125cc Kymco , 180cc Kymco Racing King
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