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    Question Q: New Orleans

    On my trip through the USA i thought that New Orleans is a place i have to see. Because of the old buildings, Jazz and this special flair of the city.

    As i heared yesterday, it isn't the same as before (no old buildings, everything new, the flair is gone). I would be pleased if anyone could tell me what it looks like yet and if it's worth to visit it by bike.

    Thanks alot!!


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    Your source would be wrong! The French Quarter still has its historic charm and there are plenty of tours of the quarter, cemetaries, swamps, plantations, etc. that still can be had. Yes, Hurricane Katrina did destroy a lot of New Orleans, but the old town still exists and many of the more picturesque areas are alive and well. My only caution is if you are traveling in the summer months, bring light airy gear and rain gear. It will be hot and muggy in the summer months and afternoon rains are common.

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    I'm very glad to read this and looking forward to see the old town and enjoy the charm of New Orleans!

    Thanks for the caution too. The MOA Rallye will be the only reason why we will came along from June to July. I hope my plan gets real.

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    I watched a TV program on NO recently and they were talking about something like 30-40,000 abandoned homes & other bldgs since the flood! Real scenic place now days? Not to pop your bubble-just IMO,I've been there 4 or 5 times and not just for a day & it is not a place I like. I have walked the old neighborhoods and enjoyed the homes & gardens & eating out is a treat too, but for me, the "Quarter" is a nasty place. And this is not coming from an ultra conservative Taliban sort of guy either... I can give you many graphic examples privately if you like, but I'd rather not. If you have kids along, making sure it's a "day visit" should make my point. I was there in 2001 for an education conference and went out walking the river walk path and was amazed to see dozens of young kids(appeared to be runaways/drug culture types-I did kid treatment professionally!) lying about the grass, having been there the remainder of the night. Not something I had ever seen out in plain sight in a city before.

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    And a new flood is about to arrive.
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    New Orleans is stil the place to go, but you got to know where!

    As a native from New Orleans it is necessary that you know where to go and what you are looking for.

    There is plenty of GREAT music and GREAT food in NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana).

    The French Quarter was not touched in the storms and is the same as it ever was, except for Burbon street has more adult establishments then ever.

    If you are still planning on going send me a PM and I can clue you in on all the GREAT places to go, see and eat!

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