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Thread: Louisiana chow:)

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    Louisiana chow:)

    Any food I simply should not miss trying, while riding they deep South Cajun lands? I intend a soon ride through the Texas/Louisiana Coasts and would love to try some real good treats when passing through. Crawdads, I know fairly well, but Alligator is on my list, never tried. Anything else and where to go. I'll likely miss N.Orleans, but Morgan City and Baton Rouge are in line and the Natchez Trace Pkwy. too. July finds me there enroute to PA Rally. Wife and I need to try Gator for something we don't see at home and have heard its quite good. Randy

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    Poor Boys

    Poor boys are sandwiches on french bread that have lettuce, tomato, mayo, Tabasco, and singly or in combination: shrimp, catfish, and/or crawdads. That with some gumbo and an Abita beer; mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, good. I've been nowhere else in the country where they catch something in the ditch by the side of the road and make it taste so good. In general, and with very rare exception, Louisiana has to be the best place to eat in the 50 states.

    Regarding gator; like any other food, if it is improperly or poorly cooked, it will taste greasy, tough, heavy, and a bit slimy (had it that way in Texas, it was almost upchuck bad). Properly flavored, breaded, and deep-fried it is very good and almost light in texture.

    If you never had rattlesnake, you might try that in Texas. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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    Some good catfish. Also, there are some wonderful places just off the main road, watch for signs, (In Georgia I ran into this place Ray's Mill Pond-near Valdosta Georgia-it was a few miles down a dirt road-great catfish, hush puppies-coleslaw-ice tea-all you could eat-the catfish ponds were right behind the place), watch for these kinds of places

    Or local mom and pop BBQ can be real good.

    Have a great trip.

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    Randy, there ain't nothin' you can eat down here that ain't good. We Cajuns will eat anything that don't eat us first and in some cases we even eat things that could eat us but we do it to them first(like alligator). You gotta try some good seafood gumbo, anything that is cooked as a "suace piquant", crawfish or shrimp stew, and maybe some jambalaya. You also might want to try some hog "cracklins", hog's head cheese and boudin. I live about 25 miles east of Morgan City and about 40 miles south of Baton Rouge so give me a shout when you're gettin' near. We've got an extra bedroom if you need a place to rest up. Don't know yet if we're going to the rally yet as we will be heading out west about the middle of June for two or three weeks.
    Ride safe.

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