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Thread: Blechblos'n

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    Paul Thorn had it right. If BMW NA gave a hoot, they would have held there entertainment, not in what became (in mho ) a competition, but in unison with The Rally. If you were enjoying The Rally entertainment, Blechblunder was annoying. Just my 2 cents.

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    While the Blechblos'n band was a hoot, (I attended before the MOA Friday night entertainment started), the BMW NA event certainly APPEARED to be in competition with the MOA event. I'm sure there is a story here somewhere, and we may never know it, but really, what gives?

    BTW: I loved Paul Thorn!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sellis View Post
    The show was the highlight of the rally for me. The show was excellent, food was good, and the band obviously put in a lot of work to creat a performance for their first appearance in America. Thanks to everyone responsible for this event and special thanks to the band. Sincerely hope I get the opportunity to see them again.

    Couldn't agree more Steve! We really enjoyed them!

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    One heck of a show. How many other bands would work that hard, in that heat, for as long as they did. I would pay and travel to see them again. I'd pay extra for air conditioning, of course.

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    I gave seminars all Friday morning. I had a couple of hundred attendees, from the several thousand folks at the rally. In no way did I consider myself to be in "competition" with the several other seminars being presented at the same time. I was an offering that was available to pick, as were the other seminars at the same time. Attendees got to choose what they wanted to do/see.

    Well, there was music at the stage next to the beer garden, and a different performance at a second stage over by the BMW truck on the rally grounds. Much like a few other rallies I've attended - West Bend comes to mind - where there was more than one stage with concurrent entertainment. More choice for the rally goers.

    Riders could choose to pay for a great dinner if they wanted to. But we could also sit at a table, drink a free beer, and enjoy the show without paying a single cent for the dinner or anything else. Voni had the dinner. I ate pizza with the Bloomsburg 1000 folks but we equally enjoyed the music.

    Rather than scold BMW Motorrad USA for somehow competing with the MOA I think they should be applauded and thanked for bringing an absolutely superb and high priced act all the way from Munich to entertain at our rally at no cost to BMW MOA.

    I think the critics have it wrong.
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    I thought Blechblos'n was outstanding. And I've never heard Highway to Hell accompanied by an S1000RR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by terham View Post
    I thought Blechblos'n was outstanding. And I've never heard Highway to Hell accompanied by an S1000RR.

    That act convinced me that the fly-by-wire throttle really works, since it can be used by a musician as percussion for a rock song.
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    Music choices

    They were a great group of entertainers, and they were very vocal in expressing their thanks for being given the opportunity to play there. I got to listen to great music, and also had a free sample beer. I couldn't complain about either. Later I went to see the other act 'inside' the grounds, and they were also great. It would have been nice to be able to see both acts at different times, but I still really enjoyed myself. All of the musicians and band support should receive medals for working in that oppressive heat!

    Not only did BMW NA pay for the entertainment, they may also have reduced the value of the 'musical BMW' that was used in one of the last an instrument!

    I hope BMW NA gets to sell a few more bikes based on the performance....but I think it was really more of a 'thank you' gesture to all the BMW riders who attended...and maybe just a little bit of good-will building.

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    Relax allready

    I attended the concert because I wanted to. Anybody that wanted to could enjoy the music just by sitting by the fence. I was embarrassed when one of my club members walked over and "mooched" a free beer. While you didn't have to show a ticket, the samples were supposed to have been for ticket holders only.

    If I would have changed anything I might have had it a little farther from the main rally so you didn't have the spillover between the rally bands and them, but having said that then the rallygoers wouldn't have had the ability to enjoy it.

    So I think it was great and hope that there will be more offerings like this in the future. If you want to go you can. If you don't that's OK too.
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    I really enjoyed the show put on by Blechblosn. They were fantastic with all the props they kept coming out with. To the young lady from BMW in the PERFECT fitting jeans that got up on the picnic table and danced for about 20 minutes directly in front of me, blocking my view....I give a sincere thank you!!!
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    so.... did any members of the general public show up for the concert?

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    I know of at least one couple who were very intrigued by our rally and afterwards I gave them a little history of the MOA and why they might want to belong. They'd just bought a new to them BMW! And yes, I think a lot of locals were there.

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    I too sat through the entire Blechblos'n concert and it was fantastic! They are a great group and I would really enjoy at some point seeing them again. It seem to me that just about everyone there were MOA members. From mentioning the concert to the locals, I didn't find one who knew anything about it and that it was available to the general population. To sum it up: a great concert, good food, but.....pooring planned for the Ralley and poorly communicated to the Bloomsburg area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    so.... did any members of the general public show up for the concert?
    Probably no real way to tell.
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    The wrist bands were a dead give away

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