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Thread: new schuberth c3 ? bluetooth pairing?

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    new schuberth c3 ? bluetooth pairing?

    i just got my c3 delivered today. the src comes tomorrow. i like the helmet. still can't hear the radio. i think it's quiet. wasn't sure. looked down, had gone 20 miles, 85 mph, fifth instead of sixth.
    on 2011 r1200rt. the schuberth bluetooth, do i pair with the (bmw) radio? i guess the gps (bmw) and my ipod talk to the radio. then pair the cell phone separately?
    i always ride alone, don't need to save bluetooth channel for other talkers. i'm not anti-social. just something about me makes people run away screaming. 5% just the opposite. i can live with that. take care, jp

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    Johnny - I'm moving this to "GEAR" since it isn't hexhead specific.

    Hang on...
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    found it!

    got all the info i needed from 'bmw sport touring" and "internet bmw riders" forums. this system is GOLDEN! integration with my bmw radio, nav 4, cell, and ipod is seamless. pricey (i'm down to stems and seeds) but the whole package is really fantastic! thanks, take care, jp

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