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Thread: Cycle Ranch - Floresville, TX

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    Cycle Ranch - Floresville, TX

    this past sunday i rode with a friend down to floresville, texas (SE of
    san antonio) to check out an MX track there. i was told it was pretty neat,
    so we decided to brave the 42F morning temps, and head down there. i was
    doing a shakedown cruise for my new sargent saddle and gerbing heated
    jacket liner and glove liners.

    many more photos can be found by following this link.

    it had been raining, so things were muddy. the last mile or so of road is dirt,
    and parts of it were muddy. that sure was interesting with my road tires! i
    made it without dropping the bike, and i was pleased.

    this is a shot of part of the grounds. it turned out that there was a big
    professional motocross race while we were there. i thought we were just
    going to see a bunch of weekend yahoos out goofing off. heck no, we saw
    the pros!

    here they are starting out. the course was huge - five miles long. these guys
    ride it for two solid hours. it's nuts. what they must feel like when they are
    done is something else.

    a shot of a small part of the course.


    this looks fun. these guys were getting hosed down with mud. you want to be
    in front in this sort of thing...


    More mud!

    pit area. dang, was this ever nice!

    The (clean) leader.

    The dream gas fill up.


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