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    Linked brakes...

    I was speaking with a friend who races sidecars and he mentionned that on his racing rigs, the 'rear' pedal controled all three bakes (front/rear/hack). He has a second caliper on front disk operated by 'normal' brake lever to conform to rules for two indedendant braking system.
    I am upgrading my rear master cyclinder since it is inadequate for rear and hack brakes combined, and I was thinking of hooking up one front disk to rear/hack brake and keeping one front disk hooked up to brake lever.
    Has anyone done this, or something similar?
    Any thought on the subject?

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    On my wife's R80RT / EML I have both front dsiks, the rear disk, and the sidecar disk all hooked to the rear pedal. Used a VW Beetle (aircooled) master cylinder and proportioning valves on the lines to the rear and car. It works well, the only time it gives problems is when pushing it around the barn, no way to get to the brake if your standing along side of it.

    I did this on her bike because she doesn't have fingers on her right hand.

    On my rig I have two calipers on the sidecar wheel, one tied to the front brake and one tied to the rear. A front brake only stop is pretty straight, but using the rear or both usually results in a slight pull to the right.

    Mike Currin
    93 K1100RS / EML Speed 2000 sidecar
    06 Ducati ST3
    67 Triumph 650 Chopper

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    Thanks Mike


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    Quote Originally Posted by angysdad View Post
    Has anyone done this, or something similar?
    Any thought on the subject?
    The disc brake on my hack is independent.
    I have a second master cylinder side by side w/ the motorcycles.
    Both actuated by the rear brake pedal.
    If the need should arise to separate, the motorcycles brakes are intact.
    The latter staying w/ the hack.

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