Hey Fellow Beemers,

I would first like to say thank you to the nearly 100 folks who have e-mailed me to find out if there was any help needed here in Alabama for any of our members. The BMW family is the greatest.

I can report that as of this time, non of our members lost property, their lives, or were hurt. There were some who had some damage and some clean up, but nothing catastrophic. Even our members in the Tuscaloosa area that was the hardest hit. I will qualify that with the fact that I have not been able to get in touch with EVERYONE, as we have a huge club, but I do think that by now I might have had some word if someone was in dire need.

As for the Great Chicken Rally upcoming (May 26th thru 29th), the rally site is in fine shape. I spoke with them and they only had lost power for 5 days, but the campground itself is fine, and the rally is on as scheduled without an hiccups.

We look forward to putting on our 23rd annual rally , and it's also our club's 40th anniversary year so we plan to have a great time.

This year's bike raffle is for a 211 G650 GS so if you aren't able to attend, you can get info on the rally and/or tickets at www.bmwmoal.org (please add the L in there because if you don't you get the National MOA website). You can also contact me at rally@bmwmoal.org

We look forward to hosting you all and LET"S RALLY !!!!

Connie Reaves
Rally Chair - Alabama club