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Thread: 1996 K1100RS sucky mirrors

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    Exclamation 1996 K1100RS sucky mirrors

    Did I see at one time a post about aftermarket mirrors that could be screwed into the end of the handle bars?

    Just got back from the GMR and packing the bike up was a pain because I couldn't lay anything across the seat. My mirrors would get blocked.

    Someone even suggested threaded mirrors on the right side in that spare hole but I wonder about the mirror hitting the fairing

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    I knew someone who had installed a mirror on the right side, no contact with him anymore. It was an aftermarket one that angled off relatively soon as I recall. Still had some interference at tight left handers, but he really appreciated seeing outside his bags. So, it can be done, I am sure there are others out there who have done it.
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    The mirrors from another BMW model will go right in the holes on the handlebar controls. I put them on my K1100. If both holes in the controls are unthreaded (I forget that detail) then the bars from a K75 will go right on. If one is threaded (I forget) then the mirrors from an R1100RS will fit. I forget which I used.
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    The alternative I've used on my K100RS is to put on a 10" X 12" piece of 2" thick soft foam rubber - lift the seat, slide a couple inches of foam under the rear, shut the seat. You now have a fairly level playform of rear seat and protective padding over the tail section. Then I tie down my duffle bag on that PARALLEL to the bike.

    Even so, don't have the greatest view to the rear, though I DO have a great view of my gloves and levers.
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