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Thread: K75s Headlight issue

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    Question K75s Headlight issue

    My running headlight on my 1990 K75s is out. I know the bulb itself is not burned out because I have wired the parking light to the headlight for the time being until I have found the problem. Anyone have any suggestions or starting points other than it just being a short somewhere in the wiring harness? Any input would be appreciated.


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    It's probably the left-hand switch, the one on the left handlebar. BMW installs no headlight relays, so the switches have a reputation for failing. Jim Davis at Eastern Beaver makes a plug and play relay kit which both increases the light output and saves the switch from self-destructing.
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    Did the high beam still work before the rewire?

    As Phil suggested, it's most likely the headlight switch.

    The contacts get warm and the little button connectors slightly melt the plastic and recede into the housing until they no longer make contact.

    This is especially true if you have done ANYTHING to increase the load on the switch (higher amperage bulb, running lights, driving lights, fog lights).

    After you replace the switch, the solution, as Phil pointed out, is relays.


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    That was the problem. Thank You. Luckily my dad had another switch laying around the garage. Flashing the high beams worked before the rewire, but actually turning the high beams on did not work.

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