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Thread: anyone attended the European Rider Rally in Burksville, KY?

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    anyone attended the European Rider Rally in Burksville, KY?

    Hey everyone,

    I am planning on attending the European Riders rally next month and was curious about the campsite accommodations. I understand it is in a city park and was curious what the camping sites are like. I have a hammock tent so naturally I need a couple of trees. I was curious if anyone could tell me whether the site would likely have an area that would work for me or if I need to plan on dragging the old tent out? Thanks.

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    I attended the rally last year. Very nice gathering - great crowd, great food, great music, and a great thunderstorm on Saturday (though every one kept smiling).

    You should be able to find a suitable pair of trees for your hammock tent along the wooded river bank - though don't hold me to it.

    Take a look at it on Google map in the satellite view - you'll see that the river bank is nicely wooded. They are big diameter older growth trees as I recall.
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    Thanks. I never even thought of looking on google earth. Thanks for the idea and info!!!!!!!

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    I plan to go. 1st time.

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    This needs to go into the "midwest" region too, as according to the MOA, KY is in the midwest? Makes no sense to me but...

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    you are right. I apologize for putting it here out of habit.

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