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Thread: Silver Plume, Colorado

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    Silver Plume, Colorado

    Next time you're ascending I-70 west towards the Eisenhower Tunnel, or are descending towards the east, this time don't blast by historic Silver Plume, but pull over and check out the nearby authentic and unremodeled downtown. If you have a weakness for great bread, and I know you do, pick up a loaf or two at the Sopp and Truscott Bakery. Can also have a deli lunch there and pick up other baked goodies.

    Main Street, Silver Plume...

    Here are some images of the Sopp and Truscott Bakery. It's across the dirt main street from where our bikes are parked above.

    Last, if interested in what it looks like to ride nearby and snow laden Loveland Pass...

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    Smile Brings Back Memories

    In the mid 90s we would stop at Silver Plume for breakfast on our way to ski the Summit area. Just down the street from the bakery was a small cafe. One of the best breakfast ever! Then one time we stopped and the cafe was closed...bummer! Anyway a very interesting town.
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    I'm heading up to State Bridge this weekend and will stop by if I have time.

    I won't be getting any bread (gluten allergies) but will definitely check out Silver Plume.

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    Just went by Silver Plume (twice!) recently - wish I would have known about the bakery and the cool 'downtown'! I guess I'll have to stop if I go by there on my way to Cedar City for the MOA getaway weekend in September!
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