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Thread: Caboose Accomodations

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    Caboose Accomodations

    Hey all. My family stable includes a sidecar and a solo bike and this year we are riding to the National from our home in Northern Virginia. We looked at the fairgrounds using the Google Earth, investigated the college dorms and the local hotels/motels. We decided to stay in the Catawissa Railroad Company across the river from the Rally Site. They have converted railroad cabooses to camping cabins. Some have showers included and the others have shower facilities attached. (Have to bring your own towels).

    Lots of information about this caboose museum and lodging alternative....
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    Really neat:)

    I visited their site and well done indeed. How far from the rally is it? Share the cost on these cabeese would be great for many solo riders. Randy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarbear View Post
    I visited their site and well done indeed. How far from the rally is it? Share the cost on these cabeese would be great for many solo riders. Randy
    It's about 3 miles.

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    The site is south of the rally along a scenic section of the Susquehanna River. Please make sure you see the old Pennsylvania canal and profile rock as you speed by.

    The owner is in the fencing business who uses his profits to restore the railroad station and line. His holdings include a railroad bridge that crosses the river and a tunnel along the old abandoned Catawissa Railroad line. He also hopes to have a rails to trails expanded westward to Williamsport with Lewisburg and Muncy in between.

    Randy, It maybe possible to ride a GS on the trail and cross the railroad bridge since it links with Rupert, a small town near the enterance of the rally site. But you may have to knock a dog walker into the river.

    Catawissa, Rupert and a photo of the bridges are featured in this ride report.

    I passed by the place a few times and it appears quite like a Mom & Pop Motel. I would think most of the activity is seasonal due to family entertainment options close by. Do you need me to recon the place ? I can be forced to drive there on those annoying twisty roads and I need to stop in Bloomsburg anyway to take photos of historic downtown for a planned event............ our version of the Wide Ones.

    Randy, for the expert rated GSer's ( I will not going ) there is a route planned using this rail line that leads to the deep State Forests and Reading Coal Company Land on Rally Friday if we "secure full permission". It will feature covered bridges, 5 water crossings, the black Dakar, a damp tunnel and a haunted Indian path where a peddler was murdered and buried long ago. There has been a full figured apparition on horse back in the area, so you better know how to ride faster than canter. The route design is for the instructors from the BMW Performance Center and provide them with an opportunity at something they never did before.......... ride like Ichabod Crane.

    Don't worry folks there are other and less haunting GS options during the rally.
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