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Thread: Supplemental LED Brake Light 2011 R1200RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rghensley View Post
    Motorwerk: I just went and searched for an opening to the fender above the key lock and the 2011 R1200RT does not appear to have an opening in that location. I might be missing the obvious (wouldn't be the first time). It may be different than your 2007 bike.
    MIne was run between the side bodywork and the fender behind the left pannier then behind the license plate, no holes drilled. Not remotely noticeable, although my bike is Black Sapphire metallic, but the Fender is black on all bikes!
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    Can you post the part number for the Supplemental LED Brake Light that works on a 2011 R1200RT?

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    Once my BMW dealer gave me the correct harness, I too found the install easy. The "early harness" has an even larger connector so I routed mine without drilling between the fender and bodywork also. It is too bad that they use such large connection.... but oh well, its easy and it works!

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    Be aware that this BMW light IS NOT waterproof as supplied. The fastest way to kill it is to wash the tail with excesively soapy water. When you turn the bike on, residual water in the cracks around the light will wick right into the lamp and short the circuit board which is stupidly placed at the bottom of the lamp (rather than at the rear or upper part which would improve its chances of surviving water penetration).

    Here's how you waterproof it.
    1) Pull the two screws that hold the lamp into the bracket and take it apart.

    2) When you slide the red lens cover off the clear lamp body you will see a rubber O ring stretched around the clear lamp- remove it.

    3) The following locations need to be sealed
    a) The junction of the black plastic housing base and the clear lamp cover. This seam is held only by a plastic adhesive and will leak. I waterproofed mine with 2 part clear epoxy fishing road varnish available from any rod making supplies place.
    b) There are two "vent" holes in the back of the lamp housing where it meets the flat rubber gasket for the bracket. I filled these with a 2 part epoxy cement- no venting is actually needed and the flat rubber will not prevent water from being sucked into these holes.

    Either or both of the above can suck in water. If you see water inside the lamp and it still works, you may be able to save it before the board inside fries by drilling 2 small holes in the clear plastic, shaking out as much water as possible and then drying it in a 140-150 degree environment for a day or two- this has worked for me- then fill the drilled holes with epoxy. Obviously if you overheat it while drying you will fry the board anyway so if its inthe year warranty you myt prefer to simply exchange it for a new one.

    The lamp works but is a cheaply made Chinese part sold with a big markup. It is yet another example of poor electrical work, the bane of the German automotive industry and the reason its vehicles quality is rated below Asian and American stuff.

    Be glad this lamp isn't required to operate the bike- its even less waterproof than the fpc design. It does have the usual 2 year parts warranty, however.

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    First, let me thank Rghensley for the terrific instructions. Your pics made it much easier to install.

    So, in case anyone is a little colorblind, like me, the blue wire on the taillight is located on the center bulbs. Not the dark blueish wire on the outside bulbs. Took a little head scratching for me to figure out why my install did not work.

    I did NOT drill any holes for the cable run. I was hoping that the cable would be a little more hidden. I ran the cable from the top left of the license plate, along the left side, and under the bodywork. If anyone found a better way, let me know.

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    Skene Design Lights

    Risking being accused of beating a dead horse...I suggest taking a look at Skene Design supplemental brake (and front) lights:
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    The Skene stuff is good and so is the service. I use Photon Blasters on the front for the triangle effect.

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    R1200RT Supplemental Led Brake Light

    Dirt Merchant:

    The part I installed on my 2011 R1200RT was the BMW Supplemental LED Brakelight, part No. 63000445578 and the model specific harness, part no. 61000445579. I bought the parts from A&S Cycle on-line. Since I installed the Supplemental LED Brakelight, I took a major road trip and I have put over 6,000 miles on the bike without an issue with the LED light.

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    extra lights

    I installed Hyper-Lites ( on my 09 RT. I added some shrink tubing over the wiring leading up into the rear tail assembly using only the existing tail access. Made for a nice solution. Hopefully the lights will help get the attention of an approaching driver!
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    I installed this one on my '09 RT. It's waterproof, reasonably priced and has an adjustable flash pattern. Also on the canbus bikes with one wire for tail and brake, it just glows until you apply brake, then flashes to whatever pattern.
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    Appreciate everyones tips and comments on how best to install the BMW supplementary lights. Just installed mine today. Ran the wires behind the left side of the license plate and along the left side of the rear wheel well and side cover. After reading this post, I found it pretty straight forward. Somewhat like plug and play.

    It almost seems like BMW designed the R1200RT to have all these additional accessories then took it off the bike to sell as aftermarket parts (plug and play). Or is it just genuine thoughtful engineering on the part of esteemed BMW designers. I dunno. Clever marketing maybe!

    Anyways very please with the results of the supplemental LED lights. It looks like it was designed to be on there as OEM.

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    Great guide for the LED install.

    Two additional notes from my own following this as a guide.

    1. Round-it Wire Wrap works great as added protection for the exposed wire under the fender.

    2. I know this install is for the 2011, but be aware that each year may use a different LED and auxiliary harness, which makes the actual connections unique. There are 15 different combinations of LED lights and harnesses!

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    Installing BMW Supplementary LED Brake Light w/o drilling

    There are already two holes in the rear fender. The top one lines up perfectly with the back of the BMW Supplementary LED Brake Light. The trick is: The larger end connector comes off of the brake light wires. BMW has a special tool to do this. We just used a straight paper clip. Then we inserted the wire through the already provided hole; reattached the large connector and connected it to the bike specific harness. I ran the harness wires up behind the fender, up in between the outer body and the inner cubby in the back of the bike. No cutting or drilling needed.
    I hope this makes sense.
    PM me if you need further directions.

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    BMW Supplemental LED Brake Light 2011 R1200RT

    Just wanted to send out a thank you to Rghensley and everyone else who posted instructions and advice on how to install the BMW R1200RT LED Supplemental Brake Light. Thanks to this great thread my install went quick and smooth. The supplemental brake light is brighter than the bike's stock brake light and sure to be seen by tall trucks, even when I ride with the large top case. That was one of the reasons I installed it. For the added safety I don't think it was expensive at all.

    One question I have is that during the install of the two plugs that go into the passenger accessory port I noticed another larger plug zip tied to the frame at the back. Can anyone tell me what that large port is for? I popped off the cap and on mine and the plastics inside were black and pink.

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    I was riding in today and saw an F800ST with Skene P3 lights. I was very impressed! So I am at my computer, found this thread. I ordered a set, as they are better then anything I have seen! Thanks Ex G man

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