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Thread: K75 Turn Signal Issue

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    K75 Turn Signal Issue

    My 1990 K75RT (34K miles) has an interesting turn signal problem. First, I'm unable to turn off the red brake light(on the speedo) after pressing front and rear brakes. Front brake light/switch works fine but the rear brake light does not work. PO replaced both switches two years ago?

    While on a 200 mile ride recently, I noticed that the above mentioned red light that had not shut off began to temporarily dim for no apparent reason ( I was at freeway speed, no braking or using the turn signals etc). Then, when I needed to make a lane change, the turn signals malfunctioned? They would come on when activated but didn't flash. They would not flash for the rest of my trip.

    I thought this may be a grounding issue? Where do I look?

    Thanks for your help

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    Start by replacing what the light is telling you is bad. Brake bulb or tail bulb or rear brake switch.

    Go from there. If for some reason, like a bad switch, the brake bulb is staying on then the bulb housing got hot and poor contact and/or bad ground sounds reasonable.
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    Thanks Paul, I'll do as you suggest
    2023 850GSA
    2013 R1200RT 90th Anniversary
    1974 Kawasaki 900Z1A

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