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Thread: 2006 R1200rt ABS brake fluid flush

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    2006 R1200rt ABS brake fluid flush

    I am in the process of flushing my brake fluids on my bike @006 R1200rt. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to do the brake bleeding by your self just using the MIGHTVAC? I realize that the fluids need to be flushed by the calipers and the servo unit. Would the mightvac do this job? Any idea thoughts on how to do this (bleeding the break system) using the mightvac?

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    Yes it is possible to do the job by yourself if your arms are long enough... but put the mightvac away. It is not needed on your bike.

    You need to bleed 4 different circuits: front and read wheel circuits and front and rear control circuits. The electro-assist servo will do the work that a mightyvac would do for you without putting extra stress on the ABS system when bleeding the wheel circuits.

    Read this:
    and this:

    for all the info you need.

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    Marchyman, Thanks for the info. I will look to the link.

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    Servo-controlled ABS brakes

    Brake maintenance is pretty serious stuff as you know. Other DIYs are about money and convenience and could have you calling a cab if mistakes are made. Given that you have most complicated brake system ever on 2 wheels, at least consider professional help on this one.
    If you are good at following instructions, take a shot when you have time to be methodical and thorough. Read the instructions a couple times before you start and understand which bleed screws are involved in each of the 4 circuits. There is a separate fluid circuit for the hand lever, foot lever, front calipers and rear caliper. I bought the funnel a couple of months ago and followed the instructions for flushing and bleeding successfully. It can be done on the first try. Speedbleeders did help.
    My brakes were significantly more controllable (light braking) and quieter (servo noise).
    Good luck!
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    As stated I did my own flush. 06 RT. Hardest part of the whole job was getting the tank back on and lining up the rear bolts tank to frame. I learned you have to gently lift the rear of the tank to get the holes to match up. The actual bleeding was very simple and straight forward following the instructions posted above by Marchyman.
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    simultaneous brake bleeding

    Looks like we'll be doing this at the same post has the same great guidance from the forum. Just waiting on the correct fluid, brake pads and funnel from beemerboneyard (I decided to replace the pads while I'm down there...
    2006R1200RT, 24,000 mile service.

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    Broken links

    Hi - I have a 2006 RT and am preparing to flush the brake lines. The resources discussed here sound really helpful but the links are broken. If anyone here can repost or forward them to me I would appreciate it greatly. I have the funnel from Beemer Boneyard, and am up for the challenge! If you send them to me I am happy to create and host a link for them for the future. My email is rod salyer at g mail. No spaces. Thanks all!

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    Thanks Marchyman! Link to update the thread is here:

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