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Thread: Ever get stuck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robnye View Post
    ^^^ this is the perfect GS Giant shot! ^^^

    you know, i searched high and low for a good shot of GS riding back east... I needed good images for the GS Giant ads.

    Couldn't find a damned thing, (well, there was one blurry shot with some portajohns in the background... ) so I went with some Jon Beck shots.

    hi Rob!

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    Ritalin Poster Boy rob nye's Avatar
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    Hey Randy,

    I'm bring the Adv Hack and my son Corbett will be on his R650GSD and we need to be there early for Camp Gears.

    Ian, back at ya. I like porta-pottes I'm one of the co-chairs of the 123 (Sanitation) committee at the rally.

    Here's another for ya.

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    I always liked that picture Rob.
    If one cannot command attention by one's admirable qualities one can at least be a nuisance

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    NICE Air, Rob:)

    Porta Pot Chair guy too! How about those slamming doors around 2 or 3AM as we sleep... Maybe some silencers for them Porta Potty doors, I Laugh. It'll be good see'in all of ya. Randy

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