Leaving home 1st week of July to many points East including National Rally in PA..No particular route picked as yet, but my first destination will be Meridian, Miss., for the Navy Base there. Family pilots there I need to visit, my kids. Any riders welcome anywhere along my trek and I welcome any suggestions en route, like great food and/or camps to stay at. After Meridian,Miss., I have no routes planned either, but need to end up in Bloomsburg, July 21 or earlier to volunteer. Never done the Dragon, so maybe. My childhood state is Virginia and biking the BRP would be cool again, however slow it may be and bring back a lot of memories. Maybe the slow going BRP would help my poor GSA gas mileage! Ya'll keep watch for a GSA1200, red/white one along the byways. Shout out IF seen, as I love the impromptu chats with folks in my travels. It enrichens the time spent on the trail. Randy"Polarbear", not as fast this year, trying to smell more flowers!