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    erc training

    I've been riding bikes for a while now. I think I do ok, should i take the erc course? I should have some time if bradford doesn't work me to death. What do they do during it? I already know my answer just wondering. I still think I should take a beginers course, the only one I had was my grandfather yelling at me in a empty parking lot.

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    I think they are both great courses. I took the ERC last summer & It was great refresher. I don‘«÷t regret it.

    The range work is much faster paced than the beginner‘«÷s course with only a few range side breaks to go over some book stuff. You practice quite a few braking, turning & slow speed maneuvers.

    One of the big plusses to me was the discount on insurance. You will most likely get this once you complete either the basic of experiences rider course.

    I say go for it.

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    Insurance Discount

    I get 10% off my insurance for having the MSF course. It continues up until I get a performance award, then I would need to take it again

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    Anyone know how, where and when registration for the ERC will open? I assume the classes will fill quickly.

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    From the article by Rick Ahlstrom, which will be in the April BMW Owners News:

    For only $40 fellow BMW MOA members who are MSF certified rider coaches will help you update, enhance and hone your riding skills. Eight 5-hour ERC courses will be held during the rally. The first will start Tuesday morning, July 19. The last course will be Friday afternoon, July 22. You can see the location and the full course schedule at and the May and June issues of the BMW Owners News.

    In BMW ON‘«÷s May and June issues, you will find a registration form you can mail in to register for an ERC. You may cut this form out of your magazine or photocopy it for submission. Registration is available only by mail using this form and priority is first come-first served-by postmark until all available course openings are filled. There will be no registration available when you arrive at the rally.
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    I take it every couple years. I find it worthwhile, helpful and fun. If you have never taken a MSF course.

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