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Thread: Do not buy from givi usa-read this...

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    Do not buy from givi usa-read this...

    Last week i bought a Givi AF 330 ( $245)for my GS 2011 1200 from Helmet Head Cycle.

    I was installing it and the lower part of the windshield cracked and broke down.

    I did call them to see if the can replace the part and they answered me that I do have to buy the whole crappy windshield system again

    I asked for help to at least fix it or buy the lower part again and they said again " You have to buy the whole thing again"

    I do blelieve that this is a F***** Up kind of answer/service to give to a loyal customer.

    Next time I need and accessory for mi bike I wont buy anything from GIVI USA.

    More over last week I also ordered a GIVI SR689 Monokey Top Case Adapter ($114) and they sent the order "twice" and I only got charged "once". So I acted very honest by cllaing them and let them know that they made a mistake by sending the part twice so I will sending back to them instead of selling it on EBAY to make money out of it.

    I was too nice and gave it back.

    Who would like to be treaded like that after you spent hundreds of dollars in parts?

    I got a very poor customer service/help,

    It was not right to a loyal and honest customer to GIVI USA

    Just a thought from a screwed-up customer:




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    Why don't you write them a letter and explain what happened and why you are no longer a customer.
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    One bad experience, no matter how egregious, is cause enough to condemn a company that has served many others well. I've done business with them and have no complaints. I understand your anger, but it is better focused on the individuals involved and done with the company. Just my opinion.
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    Is it Givi, or the place where you bought it?

    According to the first post in this thread, you made your purchase through Helmet Head Cycle. So, was it Givi that you asked for help or Helmet Head? Same for the case that was sent twice. Did you order that from Helmet Head or someplace else?

    The Givi stuff that I've ordered has been through Twisted Throttle. I've had great luck and service from them.

    I certainly understand the frustration here, but just wondering if it was the store that gave you the less than satisfactory service.
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    This thread is the electronic equivalent of painting a car yellow and parking it front of a car dealership with lemon signs all over it.

    I understand the frustration, but can't make it better any more than when I drive by the yellow car. My question is was it broken when it came in the box, and if not what actually caused it to break?
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    2,779 your arguement with Givi or with Helmet Head? Or did you mean Helmet House? If you meant Helmet House, I can fully understand why you are not satisfied. I've had two similar instances with them.

    Regardless, it seems to me, reading your post, that the issue lies with the merchant, not the manufacturer. The merchant should assit you and take the claim back to Givi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damianrt View Post
    I was installing it and the lower part of the windshield cracked and broke down.
    Why? Defectively manufactured/packaged product (i.e., arrived pre-damaged)? Or too much torque or force applied?

    If the latter, the fact that it was possible than the customer *could* break it if excessive force was applied doesn't mean that it was defective. If no excessive force, a bit more detail as to specifically what/how/why it broke would be useful.
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    It seems fairly easy to deduct that theres more to this story than the poor grammar would indicate.

    Also, if you do something honest you do it because your honest, not so you can raise the "I'm an honest guy" flag. Don't expect a reward for doing whats right.

    I'm sure if you mailed the unit back to Givi they would either repair it or replace it, assuming you didn't break it. It sounds to me like you expect them to send you a free replacement first.

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    I bought my bike with a small Givi WS that I didn't want and promtly called them-Givi- to get some specialized screws,to enable resale, that were missing, (as I recall) and they sent them for free. Nice folks for me...

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    Looks like a "hit and run"......

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    Quote Originally Posted by kctay View Post
    Looks like a "hit and run"......
    Yes it's interesting that the OP came, whined, and no response since... I get the sense that yeah, he did screw up while installing the product, and is angry because he didn't get what he wanted...a new windshield to screw up again!

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