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Thread: Givi Luggage

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    Givi Luggage

    I bought my 1995 R1100R after my best friend from High School had wrecked it. The left monokey rack was bent badly and the saddlebag was broken. That is what I started with. After two years, on a whim, I called Givi and asked if they had a replacement part for the bent rack. I had been looking online for a replacement part or parts but there wasn't one for a R1100R. The guy I talked to had a ton of knowledge about what would work and quoted me a price for the part. I ordered it and it came two days later. It fit perfectly and now I can order the replacement bag without worrying about it "falling off" like the last one. The main reason that I am writing this is that sometimes when I call a company I get the run around. Not with Givi. They knew their products and the motorcycles that use which little "bit". Great Job Givi!!! Now I am thinking when I get my new BMW that Givi is the bags that will go on it.
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    It's nice to hear a good report
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    I just ordered a Shad 42 ltr case -FWIW, they make the BMW cases.

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