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Thread: 2009 R1200GS Spark Plug Issue

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    Exclamation 2009 R1200GS Spark Plug Issue

    I have just over 9,300 miles on my GS. I purchased this bike brand new and I'm in my third year of warranty. I decided to change the plugs because I have done it with all of my bikes since I was 16 (long ago). Everything went fine until I backed out the "secondary plug" on the left side twin (my last plug out of four). While backing the plug (turn and a 1/2) out I encountered major resistance to the point that my socket is now stuck. I've been around long enough to know that chances of reverse-cross threading a plug coming out is nearly impossible. Could this plug come from the factory cross threaded? I know this will sound strange, but my left foot riding boot seems to have accumulated what appears to be exhaust colored (black) residue in addition to the shifter smudge in the crease of my large toe. My right boot is near normal. Could the black be from exhaust from the twin if the spark plug is cross threaded? I also noticed that when backing out the other three (successfully) the torque was very low. I will call my dealer tomorrow to pick up.

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    More likely your spark plug socket is stuck in the channel. Try spraying the socket with some of that compressed air in a can to cool it down then tap on it gently back and forth. Your goal is to get the socket out, don't worry about the plug just yet.

    If that is the problem you can grind down the socket (or buy one with a thinner OD).

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    Are you certain the resistance wasn't due to a slightly oversize socket getting stuck on the recess in the head (although that's more common on the primary plugs..)?
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    Same here;

    I had to modify my socket to fit my GSA plug chambers in the housing. Its a tight fit, which some sockets may fit, others do not fit well. Mine too were loose torqued, which is not so abnormal as the plugs only need an easy seating to partly crush the washer. Residue, not probable, as these engines run SO clean, the plugs are alomost never sooted from carbon anymore, therefore your boot would not get this. If you find a plug with dark residue, its a run rich cylinder with other issues in fuel management. Plug change is rare too,as intervals are way higher than previous years. A 40000+ mile plug is norm nowadays and some autos, including BMW cars go 100000 on plugs! I've done my GSA once at 40000m thereabouts and they looked good coming out. Randy

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    2009 R1200GS Spark Plug Issue

    I couldn't sleep last night worrying about this issue. For sure I thought I had cross threaded the spark plug. At 2AM I woke and checked to see if I had responses to my problem. Thanks to you guys who responded I took your advice and at 6AM, (went to the garage) the socket and plug were in my possession! I was able to find a used Craftsman (thin wall) spark plug socket at a "used tools" shop (bought it for $1.00) and replaced the plugs. Sears, NAPA carried only standard 5/8 sockets. Thanks for the advice!

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