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Thread: Low Suspension Option on RT

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    Low Suspension Option on RT

    What was the first year the Low Suspension option was offered on the R1200RT ?

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    I believe it was a running change addition during the '09 model year.
    Steve W
    Canton, MI USA
    2012 K 1600 GT (from 8/6/2011)

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    I purchased my 09 RT in Sep 09 and the option was already in place. I believe when I started doing my research to buy the bike in 08 the option had just been added to the RT lineup.

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    2008. I know because I lowered my wife's 2007 and immediately saw a 2008 the next year. Still like ours better though due to retaining conventional seat and the awesome Wilbers we have installed.
    Ken Dittrick
    2008 R1200RT (Biarritz Blau)

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    I have an 09 low suspension. Its all you would expect: lower center of gravity, less clearance, lighter more nimble front end...and I have been told I actually look a lot more handsome on the low suspension--but that may not apply to you.

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    Pardon the ignorance but why is the front end lighter with the low suspension?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PascoZ28 View Post
    Pardon the ignorance but why is the front end lighter with the low suspension?
    Not an ignorant question at all...I have not been able to figure that out and I asked everyone including the BM mechs. I do know that my friend's Regular high RT feel a lot heavier on the front end. It literally takes more effort to turn

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