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Thread: /5 ignition switch

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    /5 ignition switch

    I have a R50/5, as I was getting it ready for the season I notice that when I put the key in and push down the ignition doesn't stay on (the lights go out) if I push down on the key it will light again but, any wiggling will make the lights flicker. It does this in all three positions. Do I need a new switch or is there an adjustment to secure the connection?

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    You should be able to fix it real quick. Remove the headlight and chrome ring, look up at the switch and you will see the contacts. Operate (push in and pull out the key) and you will be able to see what I'm talking about. run a little bit of 600 grit wet dry sand paper between the contacts with key on and off and then blow it out with some computer cleaner dry air. That should fix you up for another season of riding.

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    wow, less than ten minutes on a reply. I wish I could get that kind of service on my Ford!

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