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Thread: R1200GS, which year is betterest?

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    R1200GS, which year is betterest?

    I would like to have a GS, I've had an X-Challenge and a 2008 GS(shouldn't have sold it), but I'm looking to keep a GS as a second bike so I don't want to spend a ton. Is there really any significant differences in the 2005 - 2009 range that would make one a betterer choice. The GSA is out of the question, I'm getting too old to horse one of those puppies around when I fall over. It would get used about 90% highway and 10% dirt. By dirt, I mean dirt roads, not singletrack...

    Just asking, cause I'm a noob when it comes to BMWs.



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    '05 - '06: whizzy brakes
    '07: last of the "old style"
    '08-'09: "new style" with different tranny and 5 more horses
    '10-'11: overhead cam

    For me the best would probably be an '07 because I like the looks slightly better and don't care about the 5 extra ponies. But I'm also still perfectly happy with my '05.

    What's important to you? An '09 will still have warranty left.

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    better to post in Hexheads section, as you are only (apparently) looking at R1200 models?
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    looking in the hexhead section was a good idea, I've found a gob of good info there, thanks.

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