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Thread: Non-Motorcycle GPS & Ram Aquabox

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    Non-Motorcycle GPS & Ram Aquabox

    When my Garmin 2720 was in it's slow death I started looking for it's replacement. I didn't want to spend as much money as Garmin wants for the Motorcycle specific GPS so I was looking for alternatives and this is what I selected. I purchased a Garmin nuvi 1490T with a 5 inch screen. To make it all weather capable I purchased a Ram Aquabox 6, this provides a touch through waterproof membrane that works with GPS units but not IPods. The Aquabox also comes with three foam spacers to adjust the depth of the box so you devise fits flush with the membrane. The 1490T fits well in the box and has about 1/2 inch of clearance all the way around it, all of the spacers were used to get it at the right height. I cut a passageway in the foam to allow for the power cord to come in through the back of the box. I also used an extra piece of foam to act as a shelf for the bottom of the GPS to center it in the box. I have now been using this set-up for two months and it works really great. There have been no leaks that I have been able to find yet even during the rain storm we had while supporting the Face of America Ride. The total cost for this setup has been about $250, much less the the Motorcycle GPS's.

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    Nice little write up. Thanks for taking the time to share it!
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    great idea. saves me a bunch of looking around! Thanks
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    What is your review on the GPS itself?

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    I really like it, the 5 inch screen is great especially when compared to the old 3.5 inch screen that I had before. I holds more data and planning routes is easy. I did not look at any other manufacture since I am already using the Garmin software on my desktop, didn't make any sense to learn a whole new system or to be using two different systems.

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    Streetdoc, I really like your set-up. I've always felt that if you don't need Bluetooth or some of the other fancy features on the motorcycle-specific GPS units, you can get away with using a "regular" GPS with some simple modifications like your set-up.
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    ...nice write up
    ..thanks for your precious time streetdoc
    ..nice alternative

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    GPS n00b question- do GPS units generate much heat?
    I'm wondering about the potential for overheating while in the box, but maybe it's a non-issue.

    I'm not averse to GPS use, but I just discovered the magic of the tankbag a couple of years ago!

    I bought my wife a Garmin 1450LMT for Christmas, and have fooled around with it in the car. I can definitely see potential for being useful in new places...

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    The 1490T is bluetooth capable, so, if you a bluetooth comm system it should hook-up, personally I always mute them anyway. And there is no problem with heat build-up that I am aware, never been an issue. If heat becomes an issued drive faster

    I have the GPS on the bike all of the time for no other reason than the additional data it gives you. If you are new to using a GPS the ideal combination is to have both the GPS and a map book to see the big picture. Paper maps allow you to see the same level of detail for the entire area unlike the GPS, especially helpful in route planing.

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    Nice set up Streetdoc, I believe you have just helped me with my decision!! I'm gona check for that Ram box! Thanks!!

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    I did the same basic setup on my Nt700, forget which Nivi I got but it was well under $200 on sale last fall. Works great though the screen does get a bit weak in birght sunlight with the sun at my back due in part to having the extra layer of plastic over it but for the overall cost can't beat the combo.


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