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For me it all depends on what I'm doing. The more I use a gps, the less I want to hear it in my helmet but when riding with a regular partner, the headset coms are helpful for safety and basics- wwe don't generally engage in aimless chatter because we're too busy riding..These days I rarely connect so I can make phone calls while riding though my IPhone/Zumo setup makes it easy- mostly I don't want to be pestered by incoming and I can pull over for a couple if I need to make one- besides cell signals are often crap or non existent in good riding areas especially if you're still on AT&T (definitely not recommended if you frequent rural areas). My netbook is in the sidecase to serve as e-mail device and diagnostic tool/shop manual reference on longer runs.
Oddly enough, that's exactly why I've stayed with them!

me: Can you hear me now?
them: NO!
me: GOOD!