I have the Bluetooth integrated with the audio on the RT.

I have a Nolan and the N-Com system installed on the Helmet. I have an iPod hooked up via the cable supplied with the bike. If anyone has this combo, maybe you can help??

OK...so my buddy also has the N-Com.

1: He has the Master Helmet. I have to turn my N-Com on 1st so his N-com reads mine but before I do that, I think I have to get all my bike controls on so my N-com can read my iPod through the radio then he turns his on.

Sounds real confusing but the one question I cant figure out is when using the iPod on my RT bluetoothed to my N-Com how can you pause the songs? I can change playlist...advance to the next song all from the dial on the hand grip, but no pause? I can mute it in the case I need to have a moment to talk to someone or just turn the radio off. No pause??

Wonder what responses will come other than work it out with Nolan and N-Com!
I cant be the only one that uses these combos?? Can I?