I've been wanting a Luxury Lite UltraLite Cot ever since I saw a vendor selling them at the GMR a few years ago. Unfortunately I have never been able to justify $229 when I only go camping a few times a year.

I called Bruce at Luxury Lite yesterday to inquire about the hiking pole they sell. Believe it or not he talked me out of buying one when I told him my intended purpose.

I told him how much I want a cot but just can't afford it. He told me that they have a handful of factory 2nd cots that he was going to put up for sale for $159 on their website but hadn't got around to doing it. They still have a lifetime warranty but not a 30 day free trial period.

Today he sent me a link, so I've already ordered one.
Here's the link: http://www.luxurylite.com/fac2ndcot.html
This link is not on their website yet, but it will be soon. Don't procrastinate!

Mac McEnheimer