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Thread: Scala G4 issues

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    Can't get SRC to pair w/ Droid Incredible

    Tried pairing many times now but each time the message says that the SRC rejected my phone.

    Any suggestions?


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    Quote Originally Posted by leesrt View Post
    I've had a couple issues with my G4 so I thought I'd share my efforts to resolve the problem.
    Since I first purchased the G4 I've had a issue with my Droid X not ringing through to the G4. If a call comes in I get no ringer in my headset. The only way I know I have a call is if I'm listening to music from the same droid. When the call comes in the music will pause at the droid so if I hear a long pause it usually means I have a call.
    I checked other phones with my G4 and the ring fine. This lead me to believe it was the Droid until I connected my Droid to a Senna unit. It rings fine. It seems to be something about the way the droid and G4 communicate with each other.

    The current problem is if I make a call from the G4 the unit will shut down after the call ends. The G4 becomes unresponsive and the only way to turn the it back on is to remove and re-seat the G4 in the cradle. Not something I'm going to do while riding.

    Scala first suggested I do a full reset of the G4 and then re-pair the droid and G4. I did this, 3 times, and replied to Scala's email stating the reset didn't work and that if there's no other fix I would like to replace this unit. They replied with the standard lengthy procedures for a warranty return. They stated I would be without the G4 while they troubleshoot the problem and that if they couldn't duplicate the problem they would send the original back.

    The G4 shutting down after a call happens consistently so I'm sure it will do it for them but we all know how that goes.

    I'm a little turned off by the canned responses and their unwillingness to just give me an exchange on a unit that is only 2 months old.

    I contacted my local shop and they said they would look into doing an exchange for me.

    I enjoy the G4 and had no complaints until know. When you pay $250+ for a bluetooth headset you expect a little customer service. We'll see what happens.
    Anyone want two more? I've got mine for sale!

    Sadly, this is Bluetooth. The Sena is miles above the Scala, but the technology just isn't there. If you want good audio, multiple audio sources and reliability go with an Autocom, but be prepared to shell out some coin. It isn't cheap but many have over 200,000 miles on there system.

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