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Thread: waterproof pants that aren't overpants

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    Waterproof Pants

    I have a pair of Frank Thomas Aquapore pants that breath and keep me dry. Absolutley amazing technology. I bought the Frank Thomas Aquapore jack that zips to the pants and only wear my rain suit on cold rainy days.

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    Try TPG pants from First Gear. When matched with the Kathmandu jacket (they zip together) you won't get cold or wet. When it's hot were an under armour long sleeve T-shirt or the LD long sleeve turtleneck, get it good a wet, then open the air vents to the jacket (front & back). You will be riding in air-conditioned comfort. When you stop for gas and the guy the next pump over who is wearing a short sleeve cotton T-shirt and drinking a gallon of water because of dehydration, you will just gas and go. And you will have protection if you do happen to go down.

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    Recently I purchased a used Comfort Shell suit, and am looking for washing and waterproofing instructions. In 30,000 miles what have you done successfully?

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    I have the BMW Comfort Shell pants and love them! I wear them year round and have never had a problem with leaks. I have about 30K miles on this pair over the past 18months. and they are holding up great!

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    I have some Rev'It Sand pants that have both a water proof and an insulated liner. They are sized as pants - not over pants- and fit me great. Pricey, but you get what you pay for, in my experience.

    Best of luck!

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