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Thread: waterproof pants that aren't overpants

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    waterproof pants that aren't overpants

    I'm looking for a new pair of pants. Ideally they would be waterproof pants that aren't overpants. I would wear LD comfort shorts under them if it's warm or tights if it's cold. Maybe something similar to the Klim Traverse pants. What other pants would fit this description. I'm trying to get away from the bulkiness of overpants.


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    I have the BMW Comfort Shell pants and love them! I wear them year round and have never had a problem with leaks. I have about 30K miles on this pair over the past 18months. and they are holding up great!
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    Tough one Brian, if it is waterproof it won't breath. There is a lot of talk of the whatever TEX gear. For it to work well, from my experience, it has to be less humid outside the garment than inside. This is why a product made out of say Gore Tex works so well for X-country skiing-very dry outside by comparison. HTH Gary
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    Here's something to think about...

    I have a pair of Firstgear HT overpants. Yes, they're "over" pants, and come with a lining. Honestly, if you wore those over a regular pair of pants with the liner in, you could probably wear them in sub-zero weather.

    Anyway, I removed the liner immediately, and often wear them in spring and fall over my normal workpants when commuting. Often, in the summer months, on longer rides, I wear them over undies. Very comfortable, too, and waterproof.

    So, just because they say "OVER" pants, doesn't mean they don't work just fine "OVER" shorts or "OVER" tightie-whities.
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    Comfort shell. Rediculous price and worth every penny. 75 K on mine
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    I've used goretex and nylon and the best I've found that breath well are frogg togs.

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    Recently I purchased a used Comfort Shell suit, and am looking for washing and waterproofing instructions. In 30,000 miles what have you done successfully?

    Quote Originally Posted by redhot View Post
    I have the BMW Comfort Shell pants and love them! I wear them year round and have never had a problem with leaks. I have about 30K miles on this pair over the past 18months. and they are holding up great!

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    These look interesting.

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    Bash me if you will. Tourmaster Quest Pants. They ARE NOT over pants. They're cut like jeans and have armor in the knees and hips. When it's warm, these pants can be pretty hot. When it's hot, they can be even hotter.
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    Waterproof Pants

    I have a pair of Frank Thomas Aquapore pants that breath and keep me dry. Absolutley amazing technology. I bought the Frank Thomas Aquapore jack that zips to the pants and only wear my rain suit on cold rainy days.

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    Try TPG pants from First Gear. When matched with the Kathmandu jacket (they zip together) you won't get cold or wet. When it's hot were an under armour long sleeve T-shirt or the LD long sleeve turtleneck, get it good a wet, then open the air vents to the jacket (front & back). You will be riding in air-conditioned comfort. When you stop for gas and the guy the next pump over who is wearing a short sleeve cotton T-shirt and drinking a gallon of water because of dehydration, you will just gas and go. And you will have protection if you do happen to go down.

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    I have some Rev'It Sand pants that have both a water proof and an insulated liner. They are sized as pants - not over pants- and fit me great. Pricey, but you get what you pay for, in my experience.

    Best of luck!

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