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Thread: FINAL Answer--Zumo, XM, NAVweather

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    FINAL Answer--Zumo, XM, NAVweather

    I have seen posted here and on other sites the question as to why users with the Zumo 550 or whatever can not activate their NavWeather via XM subscriptions. I wanted to post a final word as it now works but their is a hitch.

    The folks at XM are aware of the problems we motorcyclists have had with activating the above services, particularly, NavWeather. Bottom line is we must subscribe to the Traffic AND Weather for the activation to be successful. Something to do with the signals, bla, bla,bla conflicting, weak, whatever, never got to the bottom of that. Some may opt to beating this thing to a pulp with xm, however for the extra 2 or 3 dollars per month, I'll rescue my heart from the stress and suffice it to say, it works!

    I post this hopefully that when others are scratching their heads as I have will spot this and shorten the agony of trying to figure out what the heck is the next move that may or may not work, as I have had the absolute pleasure of experiencing on this website time and time again from all of you. Thanks and I hope this helps!
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