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Thread: New member from Hot Springs, AR

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    New member from Hot Springs, AR

    Hello all---Jack Crosby here. I just re-joined after a pretty long absence.

    I totaled my 1987 R-80 in the mountains 5 years ago --almost totaled myself watching a fellow rider on his new Triumph carve the turns instead of watching the road. Bike was a basket case as it shedded parts slowing down riderless from 70 to zero. I was sore but unhurt.

    One of our group was a tool and die maker and master mechanic who bought the
    baskets of parts from the BMW dealer and rebuilt the bike almost like new.
    He passed away a year ago and his son sold the bike cack to me for $2K. It has only 9,500 miles on the engine so I look forward to many more years of riding it.

    Glad to be back in the fold.

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    howdy out there from near Hot Springs, NC

    glad you're back!

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Greetings from the frozen tundra!

    Welcome to another Airhead!

    Green Bay, Titletown
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    Are you familiar with the Naturally Beemers of Ar.? Their rally is coming up in May in Morrilton, Ar.. More info in Ride and Tour under the calender. Come and enjoy the friendship and comraderie. Barry

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