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Thread: 2007 RT tire pressure monitor

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    2007 RT tire pressure monitor

    My rt has quit showing the tire pressure of both tires. I assume the batteries have gone bad in the sending unit inside the tires. If I put new sending units bought from the bmw dealership, do they have to reprogram to pick up the reading or will it pick it up by itself?

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    Unfortunately, the new sensors will need to be recognized by having the dealer connect the bike to the GT-1.

    I'm in the same boat. They both work at first but eventually will disconnect after a short ride. Waiting for the next tire change to have it looked at.

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    Yep they said it was the unit inside the tire so I ordered new ones. 304 bucks. I'm gonna put them in myself and then have them hook up and do there magic. Thanks for the info.

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