Well, I have the City bag from SW Motech/Bags Connection. I like the bag, even though for the price of this, I could have had the OEM bag, but I digress...

Anyway, The way the electric system for the bag is designed, when the bag is on the bike, a relay is activated, energizing the bag electrics. Remove the bag, no power to the little "****" on the mount. The problem with this is that the relay drains the battery if the bag is left on the bike. Silly design, though I understand the safety concerns of having energized "****" exposed if the bag is off.

I would like to bypass this & install a fuse on the power circuit. Either that, or I always have to remove the bag when it sits for any length of time.

Anybody done this? Any reason why not to? What would you use on the circuit? 3A fuse? 10A? Wires are pretty good size.